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It is our goal to create a positive and lasting relationship between us and the customer. For us, that includes interactions outside the retail setting. We offer all services with an eager helping attitude and a pleasant smile. Below are all the services we offer including details and pricing.  Prices are subject to change.  Please call for more information before ordering your delivery service.

Delivery Services

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Plant & Bulk Delivery

Why dirty your car? We will deliver almost anywhere. Whether you need bulk materials, large trees, or a one gallon perennial, we'll bring it to your door!

Bulk Stone & Mulch (3 ton/yd. Min)
Friday & Saturday

  • D1 - $8/Mile - $40 Minimum

Trees, Plants, Garden Supplies
Wednesday & Thursday

  • D1 - $8/Mile - $40 Minimum
  • D2 - $10/Mile - $50 Minimum
  • D3 - $12/Mile - $60 Minimum
    *Cost based on size & weight.

Fountain Delivery & Setup

They are heavy and sometimes awkward to set up. We'll deliver and set up your fountain, leak free. Prices vary based on size and weight.


  • D1 - $8/Mile - $40 Minimum
  • D2 - $10/Mile - $50 Minimum
  • D3 - $12/Mile - $60 Minimum
    *Cost based on size & weight.


  • 20% of original selling cost

Furniture Delivery & Setup

Buying furniture can be a big deal. That's why we deliver and set up your new purchases. Whether it is a patio, deck or roof-top terrace, we will place it where you require.

Wednesday & Thursday

  • Local Area - $5/Mile - $35 Minimum
  • Lehigh Valley - $150
  • Philadelphia - $150
  • New Jersey Shore - $150

White Glove Christmas Tree Setup

Don't stuggle with Christmas tree setup anymore. Whether you have a previous tree or are going to purchase a new tree, our team will deliver, setup and fluff and size tree for easy decorating.

Wednesday & Thursday

  • D2 - $10/Mile - $50 Minimum

Setup & Fluffing (for newly purchased trees):

  • Artificial Tree: 20% of original selling cost
  • Fresh Cut Tree: 50% of original selling cost

Setup & Fluffing (for existing trees):

  • Up to 7.5' – $79
  • 8-9' – $149
  • 10-11' – $199
  • 12-13' – $299
  • 14-15' – $399

Artificial Tree Take-down:

  • 50% of setup cost

Landscape Services

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Landscape Design/Build

Let our award winning, professional designers knock your socks off with detailed designs and management of the installation. Our focus is on your satisfaction from beginning to end. Find out more about our process on the Design/Build Page.


Let us do the dirty work! We will plant your tree. shrub, perennials or annuals, plus extend the plants warranty to 2 years. The price includes soil amendments, starter fertilizer, mulching, and stakes as needed. Planting fees are taxable.


  • D1 - $8/Mile - $40 Minimum
  • D2 - $10/Mile - $50 Minimum
  • D3 - $12/Mile - $60 Minimum
    *Cost based on size & weight.


Planting charges are calculated based off of the regular retail price of all items being planted. For example, if you would like one tree planted that regularly sells for $499, the planting charge would be $374.25 (75% of the retail selling price). There is a minimum planting charge of $200. Pricing structure percentages are as follows:

  • 1 Tree - 75%
  • 2 Trees - 70%
  • 3 Trees - 65%
  • 4 Trees - 60%
  • 5 or more Trees - 55%

Soil Testing

Plants not doing so hot? How about your grass? Maybe it is your soil condition. Bring in a coffee can full of dirt from your garden or lawn and we will test your soil for free. After diagnosing the problem, we will prescribe a solution to help you grow a bigger and better garden or a thicker and greener lawn.

House Calls

Comcast isn't the only one making house calls. One of our garden experts will come to you to diagnose plant problems and offer solutions. We also offer House Calls for design, decorating, and horticultural analysis.

House Call Fees:

  • $99 for One Hour (includes local travel)
  • Additional Time On Site $49 per ½ hour.

Potting & Arrangment

Not feeling so creative? The design experts at Bucks Country Gardens are always in a creative mood and thinking of unique arrangments. Pick out a few plants and ask one of our Potting Designers to arrange and plant them. It makes sprucing up your home a breeze.

Potting Fees:

  • $63 per hour


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